Skate Anatomy: Anthony Van Engelen

Anthony Van Engelen

Left Side

Fractured kneecap:
“I was trying to halfcab noseslide the Wilshire rail and I got too close to the rail on the roll-up. I ended up hitting my knee at the top of the rail and then had to jump down 10 stairs. I slit my knee open and fractured the kneecap. When I got home it was swollen like a little volcano. I had to wear a brace for a couple of weeks.”

Broken index finger:
“I was doing a demo in Japan, trying a feeble grind up a slanted bar that went up to about waist-high. I lost it at the top of the bar. I was going straight for my nut sack and at the last second I put my hand between my legs, cupping my sack. I basically nutted the bar but with my hand between my legs. So all my weight was on my hand. I would have ripped my sack for sure, Stacy Lowery-style. I ended up snapping my finger in two places. I went to some little Japanese clinic like 10-minutes away from the demo. They put my finger in some weird contraption.”

Broken thumb:
“I was just backside 5-0ing this downhill ledge. You know how backside 5-0s go. I slipped out and somehow I slammed onto my thumb. I think I broke it. I’m not sure, because I never went to the doctor. That was three years ago, and it still hurts when it’s cold out.”

Torn ligaments in ankle:
“Switch 360 flipping off this bump, I tried to stick it no matter what. I landed primo and pigeon-toed from five feet in the air. It made my ankle roll off and snap. It took me out for three months.”


“When I was 15, I was trying to noseslide the Huntington High seven-stair. On accident I did a one-foot ollie and landed straight to the kink on my nuts, and then I fell on my forehead. My nuts were black and blue for two days.”

Dog bite to the head:
“My dad’s drug-dealer friend had a Doberman pinscher. And he always told me to never mess with dogs. I was six. So one day the dog was sleeping at my house and I kept jumping over it. Finally, the thing just jumped up, latched onto my head, and dragged me under a table. I had to get stitches on top of my head. I was freaking out so hard at the hospital that they had to put me in a straightjacket so they could put in the stitches.”

Busted lip:
“Doing a switch frontside crooks in front of a skateshop. Somehow my board smacked off the ground and it hit me in the face. It split the corner of my lip back about an inch and a half. I had about 50 little cuts in my mouth that turned into canker sores.”

Sliced head:
“I was 16, surfing at Newport Beach. I’m not a good surfer and it was real stormy out, so you had to paddle over the jetties, which are like walls of rocks, because the current would take you down the coast. The waves were real big. I got caught in one right in front of the jetty. I got slammed and smashed into the jetty. I cut my head open. I held onto one of the rocks and climbed up on top of them, cutting my feet. I ended up throwing up because I was so scared. I went back to my boy’s house and his dad said, ‘That’s just part of the game. You gotta get back out there.’ Then he said I should have pissed on my foot to disinfect it from all the barnacles on the rocks.”

Split gums:
“When I was like 10, I was at a Boys’ Club and they had the bright idea to make like a bucking-bronco thing out of an oil drum on a swing set. They took off the swings and attached the chains to the sides of the oil drum. Then they would put people on it and shake the chains so it was like a wild bull. Of course, while they were just swinging me back and forth I lose control and slam my face on the front of the oil drum. They gave me a Popsicle and sent me home.”

Right Side

Broken pinky finger:
“When I was 16, me and my friends got chased by some jocks. Afterwards, I was pissed because we didn’t fight them so I punched a garage door—breaking my pinky finger.”

Fractured the growth plate in ankle:
“I was trying to ollie the Oakwood gap. If you’re from Orange County you know what gap it is. I didn’t really ollie it, and from the pressure I fractured the growth plate. My friends ran off and called the ambulance. I was in a cast for months. My leg ended up growing fine though.”

Jacked entire right side:
“This was the hardest slam of my life. It was on a ledge/curb. It was not quite a ledge and not quite a curb. Doing a nollie crooked grind, my front wheels slid across the top with both my feet still on the board. My hip hit the corner of the ledge; my elbow slammed onto the ground, dislocating my shoulder; and then my head smacked the ground, briefly knocking me out. I must have had a slight concussion because I saw green blotches everywhere, with Pink-Floyd sounds in my head.”

Hyperextended knee:
“At a demo, I did a nollie backside flip over a hip. I landed kind of sketchy so I went to step off my board. I was stepping off backward, thinking I was going to step on the tranny, but I stepped on the flat ground, making my knee lock-up.”

Split right eye:
“When I was like nine, my uncle was chasing me around the house with a dead cockroach. I was running backwards and slipped and hit my eye on the piano. My uncle was pretty bummed. He had to buy me a Nintendo game, probably Zelda or something.” SB

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