Skate Anatomy: Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist

Left Side

Broken ribs:
“This one happened while I was trying to go for the biggest railslide of my life. The board stuck and I hugged the rail. It broke two ribs of mine and I have to say it’s the worst injury to have. No breathing, laughing, coughing for a little while.”

Broken elbow, five times:
“It all started with a switch pivot fakie. Having a cast repeatedly, and not being able to grab mute or backside, forced me to learn a few different tricks. All five times were recurrent injuries from the first break. I broke off the tip of the radius bone and it was a pain in the ass. I’m glad I have a right arm. That’s the sole reason it’s a little stronger than my left.”

Gashed hand:
“While running from a dog in my neighborhood in S.F., I got to my house, jumped our fence in a flash, and left my hand behind. It caught a link of the fence and it went through my hand and ripped it. Twenty-seven stitches later I was back home.”

L-shaped broken wrist and three broken fingers:
“It all began by not listening to Mom. I did something wrong so she hid my board. There was a contest that weekend, and I wanted to enter. After about a hundred “Please, Mom!” she let me ride. On my second run, the second trick was an air to fakie. I was trying my best to be like Jason Jessee. I went down to the flat bottom, put my hand down on the tranny, and boom…L-shaped wrist and three broken fingers. Someone told me about a spiritual doctor and I went there. With no drugs, some special mixes and a few sticks, I was back on my board in two weeks. No joke. Teresa and I still talk and I try to visit her every time I go to Brazil. She rules! Obrigado Teresa.”

Over-stretched knee:
“On the S tour in Brazil, Don [Brown] and I had gone out. Since I hadn’t seen my Brazilian friends in a while, there was lots to talk about. We were back in the hotel in time for breakfast. Wild one. Well, we also had scheduled to shoot photos and film since it was a Sunday. I was tired and I paid the price for not being vigilant. It’s all about karma. You can see the clip of my mishap in all its glory on Brazilian Vacation.”

Right Side

Broken foot:
“When I was nine months old I went to jump bed to bed and I didn’t make it. I rolled my right foot and broke my front tooth. My mom saved the little cast for a long time until it just disintegrated.”

Smashed foot:
“I was walking in line to the school bus with my new Spiderman shoes and I was really hyped on them. On the sidewalk was a stack of cement blocks for road construction. Some kid was walking on the stack stepping on them one by one. He tripped over one and fell right on my foot and smashed it.”

Road rash:
“I was eight years old and riding my BMX down to my friend’s house and went through an intersection without looking. A car appeared in front of me and I flew over the hood and down to my knees and elbows, sliding with no pads.”


Road burn on face:
“This was my first skate-related injury, I was 10 years old. I was sitting on my skateboard going downhill, when I hit a crack and went down on my face. I got a huge burn mark just below my eye and a few others on my body. The shower afterwards was a memorable one.”

17 stitches in scrotum:
“This is the most embarrassing and painful of all, and happened when I was seven years old. I decided to walk on the roof of my dog’s kennel. I went through the roof and a piece that was larger than my legs got caught in between my legs. I felt a funny burn in my nut cage. So, I walked to my mom’s bedroom to wake her up and show her my problem. When I looked back I saw a trail of blood. I thought to myself, “Whoa, this is bad!” Then my mom checks it out and cries out loud, “Holy Saint Magdelena my son, you ripped your little package!” I remember thinking I was going to die. We went to the hospital and everyone was examining my package. The nurse thought it was cute. I just wanted to get stitched, 17 of them, and sent home. I had my doubts of fertility until last year when Jen told me she was pregnant.”

Made my mom’s hair go white:
“I found my grandfather’s heart pills and started grubbing them like candy. Luckily, my mom walked in and made me throw them up. Paramedics came and took me away from her and rushed me to the hospital. When we got there, I was singing and laughing. ‘What’s up?’ I asked.”

Four stitches in head:
“I was rocking back and forth in my sister’s chair and Mom told me I was going to get hurt. Sure enough, I rocked too much and fell back and hit my head on a marble table to start out my stitch collection.”

Jammed front tooth into jawbone:
“On my sixth birthday, I had a Spiderman party. We all had masks and when we chose to play hide and seek I left mine on. I guess I was asking for it. As I’m running, the mask slips down and blinds me. As smart as I was, I kept running. I ran right into a rock mosaic wall. My front tooth jammed into my jaw. It took surgery to get it out. Viva Spiderman.”

Busted face and lips:
“The first time I went to drop in on a vert ramp it was my second time seeing one. I was 11 years old. It looked so easy the way the other guys were skating it. I did the cross sign and went for it. Face down. I hit my face so hard I couldn’t believe it. I had to do it though. Everyone at the park asked me not to do it, but I had to. I went up the ladder and tried again. Face down, again, twice as hard! I gave up for that day. I didn’t lose any teeth but my lips were busted.”

Lost tooth:
“I pitched an old Coke can for my friend to hit and he hit it straight into my face. It knocked my already-crowned tooth out. Those old Coke cans were no joke!”

“The first knockout, you never remember. I was told I was doing a backside disaster and it was a straight disaster. I hit my forehead on the ground knocking me out. I asked my friend what happened about 50 times because I would forget what he just told me.” SB

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