Skate Anatomy: Chad Muska

Chad Muska

Left side

Bashed knee:
“I was on this Circa tour in Switzerland and I was trying to bluntslide this ledge. I slipped out and did a flying-Jimmy-Superfly-Snuka to my knee. That shit swelled up pretty bad and took me out for a while.”

Broken wrist, three times:
“I can’t even remember how I broke them. A lot of my breaks were early on in my skateboard career. I haven’t really broken anything since I’ve turned pro.”

Broken middle finger:
“I broke my middle finger one time. I was skating in the cold, and I went to railslide this bench. I slipped out and put my hand down, my middle finger bent all the way backward. They had to put this cast on, all the way up to my elbow. That sucked.”

Palm injuries:
“I’ve pretty much had my palm ripped open nonstop. Now I have a permanent callus on my hand. If I fall it just rips chunks of my skin off, and I don’t feel it until the next day. It’s kind of cool.”

Jacked toenail:
“I have a toenail that’s like a mountain. It’s not pretty. Ten years ago, my board hit my toe and left a black spot. Then my whole toenail fell off. There was some weird black shit underneath. Then, from there, it just started growing into a mountain. I’m trying to go to the doctor now to get it fixed. I think it’s some sort of fungus or something. Don’t tell the girls about that one.”


Cracked ribcage:
“I was trying to catch Adrian Lopez. We were in Germany and it was snowing. I was trying to tackle him but I couldn’t because he’s fast. I wasn’t paying attention, and he came up from behind and football-tackled me. Instead of landing in the snow I landed on the corner of a granite bench. The corner of it just went into my ribs and cracked them.”

Missing tooth:
“There’s a gap in here somewhere. I got this cavity, and my tooth hurt so bad I just wanted them to pull it out. I didn’t have any insurance or anything, and a root canal was going to be too expensive, so I just told them to pull it out. I think I’m gonna get a fake one soon, but I hate going to the dentist.”

“One time, I was at this skatepark in Arizona. It was like 130 degrees out and there was one other person there. They kept trying to tell me to put my helmet on, but I wouldn’t do it. Then I was trying to do this transfer, and I fell backward off this six-foot-tall ledge onto my head. There was blood, it was hot, and I got a concussion. That one wasn’t good.”

Skateboard to head:
“I was walking to school in seventh grade with my Mexican friend, the only other kid in my school that skateboarded. These vatos rolled up on us and told my friend he shouldn’t be skating because he’s Mexican. Then they started beating me up as a lesson to him. There’s been all kinds of fighting injuries, I can’t remember them all, but that one’s funny.”

Bad vision:
“I’m pretty much blind. I’m about to get laser eye surgery. I put glasses on when I was skating one time. The ledge was crystal clear, and it was scary. I like it being blurry.”

Right side

Broken ankle:
“I have a metal plate with nine pins in it. I think I was 15 or something. I was about to get sponsored by G&S, they were about to bring me out to California for the first time. I was f—king around at this skatepark in Vegas the day before I was supposed to leave. I was doing a kickflip on this quarterpipe, landed, and my leg bone pretty much cracked in half. That one took me out for almost two years, set me back in the beginning of my career.

Broken wrist, twice:
“I was in the sixth grade, I was trying to do a double backflip off the swing set and I over-rotated and landed on my wrist and broke it. Then I got suspended. I’d gotten in trouble a bunch of times for doing backflips off the swings, and that was the last straw. I tried to lie and say I did it playing soccer, but one of the teachers saw me do it. That was a funny one.”

Broken pinkie:
“I broke my pinkie, like, 10 times. The first time I did it, I was waiting for the bus at school. Somebody threw a football, and I put my hand up to catch it, but only my pinkie hit it. That was the first time. After that, I would just fall and break my pinkie once every couple months. Now it’s half-deformed, it has a bubble that’s growing out of the knuckle.”

Tattered elbow:
“It looks like beef jerky. It looks like I got a third-degree burn on my elbow.”

Slashed shin:
“I was driving my Isuzu Rodeo and flipped it 10 times. I had this big gash across my shin and had to get 15 stitches.” SB

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