Skate Anatomy: Colin McKay

Colin McKay

Left side

Torn ligaments in knee twice:
“My back foot slipped off on a tailgrab 720. It was bad—out for two months. The second time wasn’t as bad. My back foot slipped off again on a backside tailslide shove.”

Dislocated shoulder:
“From time to time my shoulder will dislocate, just from wear and tear.”

Gash in wrist:
“I was at Moses’ house and some hippie walked up behind me swinging his Rambo knife around in a dark room. He almost cut my hand off. I was changing a CD or something and this guy came in telling his friend how he was going to slaughter this bear with his new Rambo knife. I had to get like 13 stitches.”

Stitches in shin:
“We were building a fort and my buddy was trimming twigs off this log with a hatchet. He was working his way down the log and I had my foot on it. I was like, ‘All right, stop. Stop. Stop.’ Then he was just like, whack! hatchet to my shin.”

Right side

Torn ligaments in big toe:
“In Vancouver a couple of years ago, I was coming down from ollieing over a spine and my left foot landed on my board so all my weight went on my right toe and tore all the ligaments. That sucked. That seriously took me out for two months.”

Broken rib:
“I was outside of a bar talking to somebody, and Moses walked by and was like, ‘This guy’s drunk don’t listen to him.’ And then he grabbed me by the sweatshirt and knocked me over. I was pissed at him for that so, later on, I was just messing around kicking him and he put his hand out. I kicked his finger and dislocated it. He just looked at me with death in his eye and started chasing me. It was wet out and I slipped and landed on my back in the middle of the street. Moses came running up from like 10 feet away and just full sprint to toe to the rib. Completely broke a rib. Within like five seconds of him kicking me a cab pulled up and he got in and left—just left me in the middle of the street.”

Smashed toe:
“I dropped the shower door on it, like a little sliding glass door, and just completely whaled it so hard that it nearly chopped the thing right off. Now it’s all deformed. Bird named it the ‘Nutty Professor toe.’”

Torn ligaments in ankle:
“Just blitzed all the ligaments trying to frontside flip down this gap.”


Fractured skull:
“When I was eight I was trying to do a distance jump on my bike. I was landing on this shady ramp, just a piece of plywood jutting out of the top landing ramp. I hooked my back wheel on the landing and just whaled my head into the cement. Full blackout, woke up in the hospital. I missed Halloween that year. I was in the hospital for weeks. There’s a photo of me in the hospital with my face just weeded. I remember saying, ‘This is the last jump I’m gonna do then I’m going home.’”

Stitches in chin:
“Frontside nosesliding to fakie on a ramp, and the next thing I know my chin is on the Masonite. Somehow it just went sour on me.

Fractured both wrists:
“I can’t remember what trick, but I fell backward and put down my hands to stop the fall—both wrists were fractured.”

Slipped disc:
“The back pain started in like ’97. I was tailslide reverting this ledge we had placed on the vert ramp for a Droors ad. I ended up slipping a disc. It was my worst injury. I was out for eight months. The pain was ridiculous. I couldn’t do anything. I was sitting around the house and I couldn’t even clean up because I couldn’t bend over to pick anything up. I was hating life because I was waiting to get better and it seemed like I was making no progress. It’s such a slow recovery and I still get back pain.”

Bruised tailbone:
“Rick Howard was at the Ranch and I was like, ‘Hey Rick, check out what I learned.’ I was doing backside stalefish gaytwists. I was trying to show off and do one as big as I could. I came around and landed to pivot and it whipped me onto my back on the flat. We laugh about it to this day.” SB

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