Skate Anatomy: Dan Drehobl

Dan Drehobl

Left Side

Deep vein thrombosis:
“I got a blood clot in my left leg after the knee surgery for my blown ACL. I was in bed for two weeks and I went to see the doctor. He was like ‘Walk on your leg.’ I couldn’t walk on it at all. He was like, ‘You should be able to put some weight on it. There must be something wrong here.’ I got an ultrasound and they said I had a blood clot. It could have taken me out and really wasn’t much fun, I had to inject blood thinner into my gut for six months.”

Spun ankle:
“I broke this one really good. I was doing an ollie on a miniramp. I tried to throw my board away in the air and landed back on it. I sat on my ankle and the board kept going down the tranny, twisting my ankle around 360. Now I have a nice titanium plate and some screws holding it together.”

Blown ACL:
“I blew out my ACL about three years ago. I was blacked-out drunk and I woke up the next morning and I couldn’t walk. Kids can learn from that one. I was off my board for about eight months and that shit is definitely no fun.”

“I have a growth on my hip from slamming on it so many times over the years.”

Broken wrist:
“I over-rotated a backside air on vert. I slammed sideways and landed with my back on my wrist. That one is still messed up.”


Stitches in head:
“I don’t know how many times I’ve had to get stitches in my dome piece, but it’s been at least a handful over the years.”

Feeble brain:
“Nervous breakdown, lost my mind, I’ve had a few concussions too. These things suck. I remember after one of them, I had the worst headache for two days and kept puking.”

Split chin:
“I’ve split my chin open a couple of times.”

Broken nose:
“I broke my nose two or three times when I was a kid. One time, in school, I was walking with my hands in my backpack, behind my back, like an idiot. This kid tripped me and I fell straight on my face.”

Knocked-out teeth:
“My brother knocked out one of my front teeth. He got me ’cause I stepped over his electric racetrack. He pushed me and I slammed my face into the kitchen table. He used to beat me up a lot.”

Bruised ribs:
“I fell on my chest and bruised my ribs, trying to grind a flatbar. I stuck getting onto it and couldn’t get my hands out in front of me. I ended up falling with my fist underneath my ribs. It hurt to breathe and took forever to heal.”

Back pain:
“I pinched a nerve in my lower back, after falling from bombing a hill. When I’d skate, my balls felt like they were in a vice and I’d get sharp pains down the back of my legs. I went to a bunch of doctors and they checked to see if I had a hernia. I didn’t have a hernia so they sent me to another doctor and he checked me for gonorrhea. I was like, ‘I don’t have gonorrhea, I fell skating!’ Finally, after about eight months, I went to a chiropractor and they told me I had a pinched nerve. It took about a year for this ailment to go away.”

Ripped scrotum:
“I had to get stitches on my sack after a stalefish went awry.”

Black lung:
“I’ve been smoking over a pack of cigarettes a day for 15 years now.”

Right Side

Torn eyelid:
“I did a scorpion on my face and tore my eyelid away from my face or something. The whole left side of my face was swollen and my eye was closed shut and oozing pus for days.”

Dislocated pinky finger:
“I dislocated my pinky while skating an icy vert ramp in Maine. It was sticking out sideways and I popped it back into place on my own.”

Hole in palm:
“I crucified myself with a Phillips-head screwdriver while taking out my bearings. The screwdriver slipped and the next thing I know it was sticking right through my palm and out the back of my hand. I pulled it out and didn’t even need stitches.”

Grinding shoulder:
“I don’t know what I did to it, but it always makes a grinding sound when I rotate my arm.”

Old knee:
“I have arthritis in my right knee, caused by loss of cartilage, making it sore all of the time.”

Torn ligaments in ankle:
“I kept rolling this ankle over time and it wasn’t getting any better. I went to the doc and he took an X ray and informed me that I had broken it at least twice. I had to have surgery to remove several bone chips and tighten up the ligaments.”

Broken wrist:
“When I was five my brother’s friend pushed me off a fence and I got a compound fracture. I was freaking out.”

“When I was a teenager I had the worst swellbow. One time I hung up on a frontside air and slammed on it. When I bent my arm to look at it, all this pus came squirting out of it. That’s actually how I got the nickname ‘Cancer.’ This guy saw it and was like, ‘Ah, cancer!’ I have a permanent swellbow, but I’ve seen worse.” SB

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