Skate Anatomy: Danny Way

Danny Way


• Fractured C1 and C2 vertebrae in neck, bruised brain stem and spinal cord. “I landed on my head after diving off my surfboard. My nerves went berserk from bruising my brain stem because it caused neurological damage; I couldn’t control my hands sometimes, and I had a ringing in my head for a year straight. I was on the floor on my back for a year. I still have the worst stiff neck if I skate a lot.”

• Knocked out front teeth, then knocked one out again. “I left my mom’s car door open in a parking lot and did a slappie on the curb beside it, but the curb wasn’t painted and I stuck and went headfirst into the door.”

• 20 stitches in chin from various slams

• 15 stitches in forehead. “My brother threw a rock at me when I was riding my bike from really far away, around 50 feet, and nailed me in the forehead.”


• 10 stitches below eye from surfboard hitting face

• 10 stitches above eye from another surfboard accident

• Broken toe

• Sprained ankle 20 times: “I can’t really count how many times I’ve sprained my ankles.”

• Broken wrist: “I tried to switch frontside 360 down seven stairs at Embarcadero and slammed.”

• Bone chips underneath elbow: “I can feel them moving around.”


• Pulled ligaments in shoulder

• Broken wrist: “I flew off a vert deck and went facefirst through a deck railing and fell 12 feet down when I was nine years old. I thought I’d get a lot more hurt, actually. I was buried in the dirt after I hit.”

• Shattered elbow joints: “I did an indy 360 transfer over a spine ramp, bailed and put my hand down; it turned in with all my weight on it. The impact crushed all my bones together and shattered the tips of all of them.”

• Fractured humerus: “I was snowboarding with a friend, and I went off a jump, slammed and he came after and landed on me. His snowboard sliced through my jacket and two sweatshirts, cut me to the bone and gave me a hairline fracture.”

• Tore PCL in knee

• Tore ACL in knee: “I had it replaced with a cadaver’s ligament.”

• Sprained ankle more than 20 times

• Permanent ball of calcium on hip

• Broken rib: “I was skating a ditch and my board flipped over a curb on top and I belly flopped on the corner of the curb.”

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