Skate Anatomy: Elissa Steamer

Elissa Steamer

Left Side

Broken wrist:
“I was doing a 50-50 on a ledge, and I fell with my hand behind my back. It sucked when I did it, too, because we had climbed a fence to skate the ledge so I had to have my friend pull me back over with one hand. That was way before I got sponsored or any of that.”

Knee surgery:
“My knee had been hurting for a long time. I thought it was just tendonitis. I had been to the doctor a number of times for it, but they were just like, ‘Try this, try that.’ I thought it would just go away. Then I was skating the Courthouse one day and did a fakie flip off the stage and just landed on it completely straight. The bones crushed together. It swelled up pretty big that night, so I went back to the doctor. They ran an M.R.I. and nothing came up, so he said the only way to get to the bottom of it was to stack cameras in there and clean it out. I went in for surgery in January and they found out the meniscus was torn. So now it’s fixed.”


Blackout on roller skates:
“I was real young, and I was roller-skating in the rain with these little red, white, and blue skates on in front of my friend’s house. All I remember is waking up in my house on the couch with the rain still coming down. I guess my friend had called his mom and she had called up my parents. I think I was out for a while.”

Broken teeth:
“It was in On Video a while back. We were skating in Arizona; I tried to nollie tailside this ledge, slid out, and came down on my face. I pretty much bent all of my fingers back and hit my chin on the ground. I had to get 12 stitches. Right when I did it, I remember I was spitting out pieces of my teeth. I knocked one of the teeth clean out. I had that one replaced with a dental implant. Half of my teeth are, like, chipped now. But the dentist said that since they’re not really visible, because they’re in the back, it’s not really worth fixing them.”

Uncountable sprained ankles:
“Oh God, so many of them. On both sides. Just the most ridiculous ones you can ever imagine. Like, seriously, ones where you have marks on the tongues of your shoe from the street. I would say I’ve had at least six on each foot. I feel like they always come in pairs, too. Every time you sprain one it seems like right when you’re better you do the other one. I’ve got them trying big things and just messing around, too. It doesn’t even matter. Mostly, you get them on flip tricks where your foot comes off the front.”

Smashed Face:
“One time I came home with my face just smashed from this eight-stair. I kicked my board out ollieing down them, and it hit the rail and bounced back right under me. I landed right on it, with the wheels down. It was like a slingshot with my face to the ground. It slammed me so hard. Mike Tyson couldn’t have hit me that hard. I got up and my face was swollen instantly. My eye socket was all swollen. I went home and my mom was like, ‘You broke your face! Your face has to be broken.’ It ended up being OK. It became, like, a huge scab.”

Locked back:
“I fell right on the edge of a metal skatepark ledge. It seriously dug into my lower back. I got up right when it happened and it was fine. I went home and it started to get a little sore. Then, the next morning I woke up and I seriously couldn’t walk. Every time I took a step I would get the sharpest pain, and my back would lock up and I’d fall down in crazy pain. It lasted for three days. The corner of the ledge just dug into the muscles so deep that they were totally f—ed up.”

Split chin:
“When I was five or six, I split my chin wide-open falling off my bike. I think I had just taken the training wheels off. I’m pretty sure somebody pushed me. My mom thought I had sliced my neck open because it was bleeding so much. It was the first time I got stitches.”

Right Side

Cut hand:
“I cut open the web between my fingers. I was powersliding through some bottles in Tampa. It could have been way worse though. I landed on like three bottles’ worth of broken glass. I think it was in some Tampa video. I slid out and fell right back on the bottles I had just broken. I could have sliced my whole back up.”

Bowling-ball hipper:
“It looked like a bowling ball on my hip. It felt like one, too. I was trying to frontside flip this hip during a contest and came down and somebody clipped me. It was like a football tackle or something. My legs got taken out and I came straight down on my ass. It was the worst hipper. I had that one for a while. I couldn’t walk.”

Broken pinkie:
“I punched Erik [Ellington] one time and broke my finger. I hit him right in the back of the head. It didn’t do anything to him. Erik’s got a pretty hard head. I broke my pinkie metacarpal. We were partying pretty good. I punched him all wrong. I’ve learned how to punch right now. Right when it happened, I didn’t know if I had broken it or not. I didn’t go to the doctor until a week later, after it stayed all swollen. Tony Da Silva went with me to the hospital. I got an X-ray and it was broken, but since I waited a week they had to rebreak it. Tony Da Silva walked in with me and the doctor looks at him and is like, ‘Are you sure you want to be in here?’ Tony’s like, ‘Why?’ The doctor’s like, ‘You’re not going to throw up or scream or anything are you?’ So, the doctor starts sticking these needles in my hand and blood’s coming out. He starts talking to me and then just out of nowhere, boom! he cracked it straight back up.” SB

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