Skate Anatomy: Gino Iannucci

Gino Iannucci

Left side

Dislocated wrist:
“Skating a pyramid at a skatepark, trying a nollie backside 180—when I landed I just stopped and flew. The park had a pavement floor and it was kind of rough—when I put my wrist down, it snapped. I broke a bone and dislocated it. I had to get a screw and three pins put in, and carpal tunnel surgery. I couldn’t skate for two months.”

Broken rib:
“When I was, like, 15, me and my friends had a two-hand-touch football game that turned into a tackle game. A heavy kid tackled me and landed on me. Broke one rib.”

Sliced toe:
“At a demo in Colorado on a Chocolate tour, I was at some park going down a bank and a kid was going up it. His board collided with my big toe and split it right open. You could see all the way to the bone. I had to get stitches. I stayed on the rest of the tour, but I couldn’t skate.”

Fractured hand:
“When I was a kid playing ice hockey, I lost my edge, slid, and had to break the fall with my hand. All my weight was on it, so it bent back and fractured. I got a special glove-cast so I could finish the season.”

“I got a swellbow from skating, it wasn’t that bad but I slept on it wrong and the next day my whole forearm was swollen. I had to take antibiotics to make it go down.”

Bruised heel:
“Skating a bump over a sidewalk, trying a shove-it heel—I whipped out and all my weight landed on my heel. I had to walk on crutches for a week and couldn’t skate for a month. It was when I was filming for Mouse.”


Broken jaw:
“After a club on Hollywood boulevard, I was beefing with some kids in another car. We got out and fought in the middle of the street. It was three on one, and I was the one. I got kicked in the face and got a broken jaw. My mouth was wired shut for six weeks. I had to puree everything for dinner. I lost, like, 30 pounds.”

“When I was 15, I was ice skating at a rink, I tried to cut a turn and slipped and banged my head on the ice. I was out-cold. I woke up in the first-aid room not even knowing what happened.”

Right side

“Recently in Milan, I was trying to full Cab down some stairs. I only went 90 and went straight to the hip. Woke up with a tennis ball on the side of my hip.”

Separated shoulder:
“Playing sports, it would always pop out—and I’d have to wear a sling for a while.”

Sliced forearm tendon:
“I was drunk, and somehow I put my hand through a window. I think I was shadowboxing. I cut a hole in my arm and it wasn’t bleeding that bad, but my wrist went limp. I couldn’t lift it. At the hospital, they stitched it but it was still dead. So I had to go back the next day for surgery. They had to sew the tendon together. Then, two days later, I broke my thumb on my other hand. I was pissed at my stereo system because it kept skipping, so I tried to jam the remote control into the CD player, but I ended up jamming my thumb and breaking it. I had a cast on both hands.” SB

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