Skate Anatomy: Keith Hufnagel

Keith Hufnagel


Broken toe:
“It was about two years ago, I was skating this bump over a sidewalk in L.A. and I was trying a 360 flip. I landed it with my big left toe going straight into the ground. I couldn’t walk for a few days and I couldn’t skate for two months.”

“Somehow I got some liquid in my elbow, probably from always slamming on it. I went to the doctor and he drained it for me. It was more painful when he took it out than when it was in there.”

Hyperextended knee:
“When I was younger I remember trying a 360 kickflip off the stage at the Pan Am building. It was pretty high for me back then. I went for it, and the board ended up in the wrong place. My foot landed back on the board and my knee went to Jello and smacked the floor.”


Knocked out front teeth three times:
“It started when I was 12, I was knee-boarding down a hill and hit a rock—straight to my face. I chipped my front tooth. When I was 14, I was doing a 360 ollie off a ledge at Windsor Court and I slipped out and landed face-first with my hands behind my back. Both teeth were broken, and I had to get a root canal in one and both of them capped. Then I was skating in Philly in ’95, it was really cold and out of nowhere one of them cracked and part of it fell out. I had to get them replaced. Then on the second DC tour I hit my face in a pool in Switzerland and cracked my tooth again. It didn’t fall out till I was eating a sandwich on Halloween. I had to get new ones again, and they are still working on them. Total cost around $7,000 and a lot of time at the dentist.”

“I was skating EMB and I did a 360 flip noseslide and somehow my board popped up straight into my face. It made my tooth come through my lip and put a hole in it. I got a few stitches.”

Cut forehead:
“I tried to go surfing one day when I was younger and I was going under a wave and this guy ran over me. His fin cut the top of my forehead open—12 stitches on the outside and eight on the inside.”

Back injury:
“I just learned kickflip nose wheelies and thought I could go fast and do one and I fell straight on my lower back. It was really stiff for about two weeks. Lots of acupuncture helped that one.”

“Both are on the verge of being dislocated. They have each taken their fair amount of slams. Sometimes sudden jerks throw them out and give me a lot of pain.”


Dislocated toes:
“I was at EMB trying a nollie backside heelflip down the seven and landed primo. My foot felt weird and I took my shoe off. The two little toes were crooked. Ron Allen picked me up and brought me to the hospital where they put them back in place.”

Torn ankle ligament:
“Skating the fandangle gap for a couple of hours. I was trying to varial kickflip it and came down on my board wrong. Definitely was a painful experience. I didn’t skate for four months and became addicted to golf as an alternative.”

Hyperextended knee:
“It was the first demo of the DC Australia tour and I was doing a nollie heelflip over the hip. I came down on my knee wrong and it jiggled around weird. I couldn’t skate the rest of the trip and I watched everyone else skate these amazing skateparks.”

“It’s been about six years now that I have been slamming on my palm. Every time it takes a good slam the skin comes right off. I have developed calcium under my skin that has to be broken up so it will not break the skin.”

Dislocated pinkie:
“Skating the banks in N.Y.C. my board popped up and hit my hand—causing my pinkie to dislocate.” SB

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