Skate Anatomy: Mike Carroll

Mike Carroll

Left Side:

Dislocated ankle:
“While in Spain, I was trying to shoot a frontside flip over a gap for Atiba. Or was it Ako? I landed wrong, and while I was falling I could tell something wasn’t right. I looked down and my foot looked crooked. When I moved my ankle I felt it pop back into place. I had to fly home in an air cast. When I got home I had these things called fracture blisters, they look like leeches, stuck to my ankle.”

Sprained ankle:
“Doing a nollie 180 flip on flat. I rolled my ankle, tearing the ligaments. I was out for three months. It was right before we finished the Mouse video so I barely got to film. That was a major one, there have been so many other little twists and tweaks.”

Bubble behind ear:
“Me, my brother and some of his friends went to a Motorhead concert, in the fourth grade. After the show, me and one of his friends were slam dancing and I fell into a newspaper stand, ear first. Blood started gushing. Then it turned into a keloid. I got it surgically removed. I was supposed to go back and get medication to keep it from growing back but I didn’t. So now, as Jason Lee said, it looks like I have a piece of gum behind my ear.”

Fractured thumb:
“I was doing a wallride stalefish off a jump ramp and I jammed my thumb into my heel, no big deal.”

Cyst under kneecap:
“I have no idea how this problem came about but it sucks. My knee will randomly swell up to the point where I can barely bend it. To get rid of this, I need to get it removed and that will mean another couple months without skating.”

Torn MCL:
“Kickflipped over some little gap and landed front foot on and back foot off. I basically did the splits.”


Mentally scarred:
“Back in the day, I owed my older brother Greg some griptape. When I didn’t pay up he suplexed me, back first, onto the armrest of our couch. It didn’t really hurt but it scared the shit out me. Tough love.”

Bronchial pneumonia:
“Swimming with my brother when I was like seven—he started dunking me. Water got into my lungs. I love my brother though.”

“I have no idea how I got this. Probably malnutrition. I stayed home for a whole summer watching the O.J. trial everyday. He was guilty.”

Mental instabilities:
“There’s a little voice inside my head that reminds me about anything that can and will go wrong right before I try a trick.”

Right Side:

Torn ligaments in ankle:
“Two days before I was supposed to go to Australia for the first time. Doing a frontside flip on a bank at Simi Valley Skatepark. I still haven’t made it out to Australia.”

Dislocated shoulder (twice):
“I was just doing a backside 180 over a foot-tall ledge. I was leaning too far back and I put my hand on the ground to stop my fall. I still don’t know if it popped out all the way or if it popped out at all. I never went to the doctor, so I don’t know. But I could barely lift my arm for almost two months. Years later, on the way to Canada, we were doing a demo in Sacramento and I fell the same way. This time it definitely popped out. It was out for 45 minutes. Rick [Howard] trying to yank it back into place probably didn’t help. It killed. The paramedics came and they had to cut off my Mark Gonzales shirt. It was my favorite shirt. After they cut it off they realized that they couldn’t pop it back into place. Kids surrounded me and Rick kept
snapping pictures of the whole scene. Bad trip.”

Dislocated knee (twice):
“I was doing an ollie nose tap to fakie and my front foot came off. My front foot landed on the platform with my back foot still on the board rolling down the transition, causing me to do the splits. I was only out for two weeks. When you’re young you bounce back fast. The second time was at a miniramp contest in San Jose. It was my first pro contest. At the end of my last run I bailed on a nollie over a hip. I didn’t know it was hurt until I tried to get up. My knee tightened up in a bent position. Thirty seconds later it popped back into place.” SB

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