Skate Anatomy: Peter Hewitt

Peter Hewitt

Left Side

I was 13 the first time I broke my left leg . I was skating a bike ramp, went to do a knee slide and sat on my leg weird. The second time I broke it was on a rock ’n’ roll at Lincoln City on the vert ramp. I ran down the wall, stepped on my board and my leg snapped. Two weeks later, my friend Christian got me a ticket to Europe to judge the Marseilles contest. I walked around Europe for two weeks, then went home and started skating on it straight away. It was the quickest recovery I’ve ever had.

I broke it right between the elbow and the shoulder. I was skating that new park in Encinitas. I was gonna double up on a 50-50 in the deep. I came off one 50-50, flew into the next wall, and it instantly snapped in half. I broke that one twice: once in June and then again in October when we were in Hawaii. Joey Tershay and I were skating a new bowl on the North Shore. I shot over the top on a backside carve and did a little aikido role. I looked down at my arm and it was just bent. I looked at Joey and he just started to run away. He came back and was like, “Wait, did you just break your arm again?”

My elbows have pads on them. It’s like Shaolin training, how they kick their shins on the boards all the time. We hit our elbows all the time. There’s like a pad on each of mine.


I knocked my tooth out doing a layback, a trick you don’t put much thought into. I locked up and flew onto my face with my arms behind me. I looked up and my tooth was right there in front of me.

I’ve hit my head a lot and been knocked out plenty—almost 20 times and each was different. Once on my birthday at the Nude Bowl, I went up to do a grind (I was kind of drunk) and fell down on my head. Another time I was skating with Omar Hassan and Remy Stratton when I hit my head. I came to and didn’t know where I was or who they were. The longer I sat there, the more it came back to me. It seems
different shit happens when you hit different parts of your head. When I tried to do the loop switch in Tampa I fell out the side of the loop and hit my jaw. It knocked me out and I woke up a minute later already strapped to the gurney.

I was doing a pivot to fakie on a mini-ramp in Germany when I was 16. I jumped off my board and it flipped in the air and hit me in the head. I had to get eight stitches. Matt Moffett didn’t know how to drive a stick, so I had to teach him on the way to the hospital.

The other day at Upland I was hauling ass into the deep end and did a big frontside air, then just threw the board because it wasn’t right. The board landed in front of me and bounced up and hit me right in the nose and lip. I had to get five stitches in my lip. That was a freaky one

I ruptured my kidney in Germany and don’t know how I did it. While I was waiting in front of a hotel for my girlfriend, I went into an alley to pee and it burned like hell. I thought I had some kind of disease. Finally I went inside the hotel and had to pee again. There was no one around, so I pissed in a little bush up in the corner. That’s when I realized I’d been pissing blood for the past three hours. I passed out on the floor right there. Rune Glifberg and Andy Scott found me on the floor, took me to their room and called an ambulance. They wanted to do surgery and shit, but by morning I’d stopped pissing blood so I signed a bunch of papers, got out of there and flew home. I didn’t even go to the hospital after that; I just stopped pissing blood.

I really don’t want to talk about this one, but all right. Alley-oop air over the hip at the Encinitas bowl. The hip has a sharp edge going down. I didn’t make it over the hip all the way and had one knee on one side of the hip and the other knee on the other side. I knee slid down and my sack just grinded on the hip. I tore this little inch-long gash in my ball sack. It was freaky. I went home and cleaned it all out, scrubbed it up. I tried to put a Band-Aid on it, but that skin moves all over the place. I ended up making a big ball sack diaper. I bought some
butt-huggers and it worked. At the grand opening of the Vans Park in Orange County I was skating the combi-pool with a ball sack diaper. That one really sucked.

Right Side

I was skating home from the bar one night on a board I call “The Penguin.” The nose of this board is like a spike. It snapped in half and stuck into my thigh about an inch deep. I didn’t realize how gnarly it was until the next morning. I was bleeding a lot and woke up stuck to the bed. It left a gnarly scar.

I had two surgeries on each knee when I was 18. I didn’t skate for a year. They took out all the cartilage in both my knees. I took cartilage pills for like seven years and it all grew back. I went back to the doctor’s office a few years later complaining about my right knee and my doctor told me “You don’t have an ACL in your right knee. You never complained about it, so we didn’t tell you.” I haven’t had an ACL in my right knee since I was 18. It f**ks with me a lot when it gets cold.

My doctors want to do studies on my wrists because I’ve never had casts on them. They tell me I’ve broken my wrist more than 100 times. I looked at the X-ray, and you know how there are all those
little bones in your wrist? Mine’s just one big hunk of bone. But I can still do handstands.

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