Skate Anatomy: Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek

Left Side

Broken fingers:
“I’ve broken, like, every single one of my fingers. I broke four of them in one shot when I was doing a demo when I was a kid. I was trying to be that kid trying to skate in the rain at a demo when no one else would skate. I was trying a stalefish on the quarterpipe and whipped out and broke four fingers.”

Broken thumb:
“I was skating the old Workshop facility and blew my thumb out so I went to my mom’s doctor and got a cast. I couldn’t skate with a cast on my arm, it would just annoy me, so I cut the cast off. My mom was all pissed. I was like, ‘It doesn’t even matter. I just sprained it. I don’t even care.’ So, to this day, I can’t even play video games. I mean, I can only play for 15-minute intervals because my thumb gets so sore from that original damage.”


Pierced hole:
“I tried to switch 5-0 the nine at Beverly Hills High and my foot slipped off the back, and I basically jumped from the top to the flat into a perfect Popsicle stick. It’s one of the greatest pains I ever felt in my life. I was lying on the floor and all I could really think about was being in surgery with my legs open and my bloody hole being sewed up. It was just, like, devastating me. But it was nothing more than a shinner on your butt. It just swelled and hurt for a while, nothing major.”

Sack slide:
“When I first started doing handrails, it just occurred to me one day, you don’t need to ollie as high as the handrail. You only need to ollie as high as where you get on. It was an epiphany. This is like ’87. This park by my house had these six-stair rails with kinks on them. I would boardslide these things all day without a bit of hesitation or fear, it wasn’t even, like, fazing me. It was like blind ignorance. And I tell my boy, ‘Dude, you just got to ollie out and you slide right through it.’ He says to me, ‘I don’t want to do it because I just picture me just jumping out there and racking myself.’ And what came out of my little mouth was, ‘You would be the first person to invent the ball slide.’ And no sooner did I say it, I turned around and skated right up to the handrail, hit the rail, racked myself, slide down on my C and B, hit the kink, shot perfectly off the kink to my feet. I didn’t even slam. I just ran and checked my tainted and bruised package. That was my first sacking, and that’s when my fear of handrails came back around nice and solid.”

Broken nose:
“Well, when I was a youngster I had just learned rocket airs to tail. I was getting all excited and pumped and I did a big rocket air to tail, came in to do a frontside 50-50 and I was going to go into another one and I hung up. I smacked my face on the flat-bottom. I blew my face open and had to have surgery on my nose. The day I got out of surgery I get hit in the face with a basketball. So my parents were like, ‘We just got to wait until he’s done, until he’s grown up, to get it fixed again.’ So I have a broken nose to this day.”

Blasted eye:
“One time, I was on a workout fantasy. I just worked out for an hour and a half straight. My arms couldn’t even move. I went to skate this school and I did a switch crooked grind on this bench and it stuck. I went to put my hands on the ground, my hands just gave out and I blew out my eye. I had nothing left in my arms to hold my body up.”

Scraped face:
“When I was real young, I had just learned how to boardslide handrails and I was learning how to boardslide them to fakie. I caught, hit my face on the ground, and Jamie Thomas-style slid on my chin across my entire face. I had this perfect racing stripe scab from chin to forehead. I told everyone at school that I got in a fight with some truckers and got sucker-bricked.”

Back pain:
“I’m saying my real back pain came when I was just shitfaced and got into a fight with Weiss. Weiss had grabbed me and shit-whipped me and put my head through the wall of my house. My back has never really recovered.”

Right Side

Sprained ankle:
“I’ve sprained my ankles over and over again, and it got to the point where they wouldn’t even function anymore. I went through a period where I was spraining my right ankle like every couple of months. I started having calcium build-ups on my joints and I went and got it looked at and they said, ‘You got to get this removed or you’re going to lose your mobility.’ So I tried to kickflip this gap and I landed and it broke the bone chip off and it lodged into my joint and locked my ankle. I had to have immediate surgery to have it taken out. That one took me out for, like, a hard four months. That was my first experience with hardcore surgery. It was devastating. When I came out of surgery, I couldn’t take any painkillers. I had to lay on the floor, biting the carpet for like eight hours until I fell asleep.”

“I was 16 years old, at my first pro contest. Part of my big run was doing lien air to disaster over the quarterpipe hip. And in one of my runs I blasted the thing up and just put it down a little bit too late and slapped the ground. And of course, when I turned pro, you wore a chain wallet. The chain wallet just embedded into my hip and to this day I still have the chain-wallet scar.” SB

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