Skateboarder Dan Mancina talks about being blind and still skating

Skateboarder Dan Mancina suffers from a hereditary eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa (RP) that will eventually cause him to be 100 percent blind. Within the last five years Mancina has lost the majority of his vision, but he still continues to skateboard.

In this recent video and interview from NowThisNews, Mancina talks about what it’s like being a skateboarder without sight and how he’s the same person he was before he went blind.

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As Mancina says:

“There’s a lot of blind people that live a pretty sheltered life. Parents raising blind children especially shouldn’t be afraid to let them explore the world in their own way. That’s probably the hardest thing for anyone, who’s sighted or not, to kinda not be afraid to do certain activities that they didn’t think they could do.”

That’s a lot of inspiration, and it’s clear Mancina isn’t letting anything hold him back.

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