Skateboarding dog pulls off canine version of a kickflip

You’ve seen skateboarding dogs before, but have you ever seen a skateboarding dog pull off tricks at a skatepark? If not, here’s a beauty. Dash shows off his skateboarding skills in this YouTube video by performing the canine version of the kickflip, leading one commenter to say, “I just got owned at skateboarding by a dog. Reaching a new low, check.” Watch as Dash rides up and down the bowls of the skateboard park, pulling off several flips of the skateboard:

Dash had good training, of course, being owned by a veteran dog trainer.

Omar von Muller, who resides in the Greater Los Angeles Area, grew up in a multigenerational animal-training family in Colombia. You might recall his biggest star, Uggie, an orange-and-white Jack Russell, which starred in “The Artist” and other movies.

But it’s Dash who owns the skateboard.

“Amazing,” someone wrote on von Muller’s Facebook page. “He is better than most people!”

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