Skateboarding inside a full pipe in the middle of a California lake

Skateboarders are always willing to put in the hard work and effort it takes to skate some obscure spots. They’ll mix concrete to fix spots and they’ll trek through a dark pipe in a dam in the middle of a lake to skate an empty full pipe.

Skaters Corey Duffel, Jason Adams, Kevin Wilkins and crew took off on inflatable rafts in a lake in Shasta County, California, venturing deep into a pipe within the dam that eventually became dry for skating purposes. Then, they skated.

Setting up flares and using headlamps inside, the crew gets an eerie session all to themselves inside the pipe — reaping the benefits of that little bit of extra effort to skate somewhere outside the norm.

As Wilkins describes the experience, it wasn’t all roses:

“The tube is intimidating, too. Something like eighteen feet in diameter. To get to the skatable part it’s a long-ass uphill hike. Once we found our way to the entrance of the cylinder, no one was confident or excited enough to run up into the thing and start skating — I assume because we were all a little freaked out and frightened. Instead, we gathered our rafts, tipped them over to drain the water we’d taken on during our journey, gathered our boards and backpacks and humbly, respectfully, began our full pipe ascent.”

We’d say they definitely earned that fun session, and the beers they enjoyed afterwards.

The full pipe all lit up with flares. Photo: Vimeo

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