Skater endeavors to build 5-mile-long skate park in Maine

In recent weeks, the skateboarding world has read about outrages regarding overly phallic skateparks as well as skateparks built seemingly overnight in destroyed cities. But both of those stories might pale in comparison to the ambitions of one skateboarder, who is hoping to build a five-mile-long skate trail in the woods of southern Maine.

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Rob Kendall, a 45-year-old skateboarder and the founder of Weird Wood Skateboards, has been building ramps for his friends to skate in the woods of Berwick, Maine for over three decades now, and recently had an innovative idea: to build on the 20 acres of land he lives on and construct a scenic five-mile skate trail/park.

Rob Kendall skatepark
Kendall (above) shows off some of the construction underway on the five-mile skate trail.

“I have a special spot here with two rivers and lots of woods,” Kendall wrote on a GoFundMe page he started for the project. “I started building with concrete seven years ago and had lots of help over the years. This year my plans are on a much grander scale. Last fall I got started on one of my most elaborate plans. My new vision is a 5 mile skate trail (2 miles out to the river hillside then a mile along the river until shooting two miles back to the uphill bowls I already built).”

Currently, Kendall is hoping to raise $15,000 in funding through GoFundMe. And while he said he was hesitant to ask strangers for cash, he thinks the added funding will allow him to build the most creative park to date.

“I’ve never really counted on others for funding my projects but I’m looking forward to having the help this year so I can focus on the creative side and getting work done,” Kendall wrote online. “This should be one of the best build years ever.”

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