Pro skier Tanner Hall creating his own strain of weed

In a development that probably surprises absolutely no one, pro skier Tanner Hall is trying to develop his own strain of weed, according to a recent interview with High Times.

As reported by POWDER, the freeskiing pioneer, who has long been an advocate of legalizing marijuana, is continuing to spread the gospel of marijuana’s positive therapeutic and pharmaceutical effects.

“In 2009 I broke both my legs and blew out both my ACL’s, and so the biggest thing was the doctors were trying to say, like, do not smoke,” Hall said, referencing a brutal 2009 crash he suffered at Stevens Pass in Washington.

“The amount of pain pills, that I was prescribed and that were just right at my whim, anytime I wanted, was scary.”

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The 32-year-old said that the prescription pills he was on caused him to lose weight and sapped him of his strength and drive to ski. It wasn’t until his friend, the now deceased freeskier C.R. Johnson, suggested Hall go back to smoking that Hall says he saw an improvement in his condition.

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“I actually, like, got back to skiing, because I threw all [the pills] away, started going to the gym, and smoking marijuana,” the dreadlocked skier, who claims to have been smoking since he was 10-years-old, said in the interview.

“I got healthy, threw out drinking, threw out a lot of stuff, and at night I would smoke two to three joints and kind of reflect back on the day. It’s really good; it’s helped me so much it’s hard to even talk about.”

At the end of the interview, Hall claims that he’s hoping to start his own strain of marijuana. And when asked what he would name it, Hall answered with a nickname he’s long been affectionately known by: Ski Boss.

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