Ski jumper travels over 831 feet, breaks world record

On Saturday at the Vikersung ski flying hill in Norway, Austrian ski jumper Stefan Kraft set a new world record by jumping an astounding 253.5 meters (just over 831 feet) in the air.

If that’s a difficult distance to visualize, have a look:

Incredibly, that was the second time that day that the record was broken. Before Kraft, Norwegian jumper Robert Johansson flew 252 meters to break what had been the standing world record of 251.5 meters.

Though Johansson’s performance was overshadowed, he did go home a winner: According to EuroSport, Norway won the event, which was a team competition.

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“I knew the ramp in Vikersund can jump pretty darn far,” Kraft told EuroSport after setting the world record. “It was an incredible flight and it was important that I was able to do it. During the flight, I thought ‘it’s now or never’. I’m totally exhausted but it was incredible.”

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