Skiing’s Big-Mountain Star Shreds a Slope — Without Snow

Ski season is upon us as the Northwest is being pounded with snow and the rest of the country is waiting their turn. But if patience isn't one of your virtues, and if you have the right gear, and if you're skilled enough or brave enough or just arrogant enough to shrug off a mountain of white powder in exchange for leaves, grass, and waves of grain, let the above video be your inspiration. In a new ad for Audi, French world champion skier Candide Thovex rides through cow pastures, flips over tall grass, carves his way across bridges and dense forest, through tunnels, and finally jumps off a cliff, over a tractor, and into the back of the new Quattro to prove that "all conditions are good conditions." It's not a thesis we can legally support, but it sure does look like a fun ride. 


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