Skydiver survives tangled parachute with quick thinking

skydiver survives
Skydiver survives with some quick thinking after the lines of his main parachute began twisting. Photo is a screen grab from the video

A Canadian skydiver found himself in a harrowing situation when the lines of his main parachute began twisting, sending him into an uncontrollable spin. Unable to correct the situation, which was fast becoming distressful, the experienced skydiver survives thanks to some quick thinking. Barcroft TV has the report:

The 27-year-old skydiving instructor, who preferred not giving his name, was skydiving in Australia above Wilton, located southwest of Sydney, when the lines began twisting after deploying at 3,000 feet.

Today’s parachutes feature a three-ring release system that allow for quick, emergency cutaways. So just before the main parachute was about to break down, the skydiver cut it free and deployed the reserve, just before landing.

“Under normal circumstances it’s not very difficult to cut away your main parachute,” the skydiver told MailOnline. “However, this was far from a normal situation. Someone else had hooked half my gear up incorrectly, and I missed it.”

The skydiver, who had jumped nearly 2,000 times before, added, “I took my time, as you can see in the video; I worked out all the scenarios, and then fixed it before my time ran out.”

Like getting back onto a horse after falling off, the skydiver did two more jumps without incident, but he felt a huge sense of relief having survived the jump gone bad.

“Have you ever seen ‘The Shawshank Redemption’?” he told MailOnline. “Remember the scene when Tim Robbins climbs through a sewage pipe and comes out clean on the other side and he raises up his arms into the rain? Surviving this felt something like that.”

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