Skydiving, Now With Drones

In a video now going viral, skydiver Ingus Augstkalns made the world’s first drone jump, which allowed him to free-fall without a plane, mountain, or skyscraper in sight. Augstkalns, along with help from the team at drone manufacturer Aerones, made the jump on Friday and has opened up a whole new world of possibility for skydivers and base jumpers since jumping from a drone allows aerialists to get their in-air kicks in any location where a drone is permitted to fly.

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In the video, Augstkalns hangs onto Aerones’s 28-propeller drone as it hoists him up into the air off of a radio tower. After climbing to a height of 1,083 feet, Augstkalns lets go and free falls for a few seconds before releasing his parachute and gliding down to the ground safely.

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After the jump, Aerones released this statement:

“We did it! We accomplished the World’s first human flight with the drone and jump at high altitude. On May 12, our 28-propeller Aerones’s drone lifted skydiver Ingus Augstkalns at a height of 330 metres, from where he accomplished the planned jump and landing with the parachute.”

So while we knew drone technology has made it possible to capture incredible aerial footage and create convenient delivery services for companies like Amazon, it’s also making it possible for thrill seekers to find their next adrenaline fix.

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