Sleep Deprivation Can Make You Fat

Sleep Deprivation Can Make You Fat

Lets make an assumption that you, like the majority of working Americans, don’t get enough sleep during the week and make up for the debt by binge-snoozing on Saturday and Sunday. Well, that may not be enough, according to a study from the Endocrine Society. Researchers found that a loss of 30 minutes of sleep per day can promote weight gain, insulin resistance, and negatively affect your metabolism in the long run. 

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In the study, 522 patients recently diagnosed with type-2 diabetes were told to keep a 7-day sleep journal to calculate their weekday sleep debt. Also, their baseline height and weight were recorded to determine obesity status; their waist circumference measured for central adiposity (excess abdominal fat); and fasting blood samples were analyzed for insulin sensitivity. 

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After 12 months, for every 30 minutes of weekday sleep debt participants’ accumulated, their risk for obesity and insulin resistance increased by 17 percent and 39 percent, respectively. 

You can recover from the occasional red-eye flight, or an all-nighter wrapping up a big project, but when it comes to consistent sleep loss, you’re just putting yourself at risk. Catch more Zzz’s; your health (and your hard-earned physique) depends on it.  

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