Sleeping sea otter gives priceless reaction to rude awakening

An unsuspecting, sleeping sea otter gets a rude awakening. Photo: Screen grab
An unsuspecting, sleeping sea otter gets a rude awakening, and its reaction is priceless.

An Alaskan sea otter was enjoying a nap when some boaters happened by and noticed the marine mammal catching some z’s in its floating state atop the water.

The occupants of the boat were already amused at the sight of the unsuspecting sea otter as they drifted closer. But when one of them attempted to give it a poke and rouse the critter with a “hey,” the reactions amplified, and for good reason:

The reaction of the sea otter to this rude awakening is priceless.

Once awake, the panicked sea otter did a hasty retreat into the depths of the sea, leaving the boaters laughing hysterically in its wake.

Sea otters are known to have a period of foraging and eating, starting an hour or so before the sun comes up. After that, they rest and sleep, doing so while floating on their backs on the sea surface.

Presumably, this sea otter was peacefully sleeping off its meal before it was rudely interrupted — but better it be by boaters than predators.

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