Inbound avalanche and skier missing at Sugar Bowl Resort

Two separate incidents over the past few days have proven Sugar Bowl Resort in Lake Tahoe, California, is seeing dangerous conditions.

A ski instructor is missing, and in a separate incident, a snowboarder was caught in an inbound avalanche, which he filmed with a GoPro.

Snowboarder Christian Michael Mares was caught in an inbound avalanche Friday.

He didn’t suffer any major injuries, except for a sprained ankle.

Mares’ friend Matt Shaffer also caught the avalanche from another angle.

He said they had just done a run on the large, rocky chute before they began filming, and they knew the dangers going into it.

“We knew we were in a zone that was scary and could potentially slide,” Shaffer told GrindTV. “We were playing with fire and we got burned.”

Shaffer said he and Mares talked about what to do if they were caught in an avalanche before the run.

“It’s important to swim out of it, which Mares tried to do. He hoped to swim to a nearby tree but missed it by about a foot,” Shaffer said.

Shaffer said Mares did the best he could.

“He handled it like a boss,” Shaffer said.

In a completely separate incident at the resort, a 23-year-old ski instructor has been missing since Thursday.

Dena Erwin, a Placer County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman said Carson May was skiing on his day off Thursday and has been missing ever since.

He didn’t meet a friend at the end of the day to catch a ride home, and it was discovered Friday morning that he didn’t return home in the night.

More than 50 people searched for May yesterday in an out-of-bound ski area where his cell phone was still sending out pings, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Since May has been missing, at least four feet of fresh snow has fallen on the out of bound area.

About 75 people are continuing the search today, and a helicopter is also being used for the search effort.

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