Snowmobilers come across odd phenomenon in Muskegon River

Two snowmobilers came to a stop on a bridge on Dolph Road overlooking the Muskegon River in Michigan and discovered in the river an odd phenomenon that several commenters thought was alien.

“When I first looked down at the river, I noticed the part that is open to the river and thought, ‘Wow, that is really round!'” Karla Dahms told GrindTV in an email. “Then I noticed the circle and was really puzzled when I saw it was spinning. It was almost unreal.”

What it was is an ice circle, an odd phenomenon that needs just the right elements in a river to form.

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Domenica Davie, a meteorologist from the Weather Channel, described how they occur:

“It looks pretty eerie, but the disc and others like it weren’t manmade. They form naturally. It happens when cold dense air comes in contact with an eddy in the river and ice forms in a circular pattern. That’s when the ice disc starts to melt. It spins as the melting water sinks and the water creates a vortex below the ice disc.”

Dahms, who was snowmobiling in Leota with her partner, Tracy Adams, wrote on Facebook that it was “very strange” and that she’s “never seen the river do this before!!”

“It looks like it was a cut circle,” she wrote. “Looks like someone figure-skated in a circle till they cut all the way through! Perfect circle!”

h/t UPI

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