Social Media and Apps Help Smokers Quit

Social Media and Apps Help Smokers Quit

It has never been this hard to choose how to quit smoking. And we mean that in the best of ways…

With dozens of e-cigarette manufacturers on the market now, plenty of smart phone apps to choose from, and more traditional support groups, smokers now have several options when attempting to end their nicotine woes. But, what’s their best bet? 

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A recent study commissioned by the Canadian University of Waterloo, which was published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, sought to determine whether social media or telephone-based support was more effective in combating the cravings of young adults in their ‘20s. 

Following a 90-day program, around 32 percent of participants who used Break it Off — a social-media based campaign to help smokers quit — apps and web tools, had quit smoking, compared to 14 percent who quit by using a telephone hotline. 

“Traditional cessation services can have limited reach and this reduced visibility lessens their impact in a digital era,” said a senior scientist at Waterloo Bruce Baskerville in a press release. “Because they [young adults ages 18 to 29] are such heavy users of social media, these platforms provide an alternative and successful way of reaching smokers who are less likely to relate to other cessation programs.”

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