Sorry, Marijuana Does Not Boost Creativity

Weed doesnt make you creative main

More research to prove that your habit of lighting up could be harmful to your mental flow, man: A study published in journal Psychopharmacology suggests that despite popular opinion that pot smoking bolsters creativity, cannabis could actually hinder out-of-the-box thinking.

Researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands studied three groups of healthy cannabis users. One group was given marijuana with a high THC content (the equivalent of three joints); another group was given a low dose of THC (equivalent to one joint), and a third group was given a placebo. None of the candidates were aware of what they were being given.

Based on the cognitive tasks that the participants were required to complete – coming up with ideas by exploring many solutions (divergent thinking) and finding the only correct answer to a question (convergent thinking) – researchers found that the cannabis with a high-dose THC significantly impaired divergent thinking among the test subjects.

What’s more, the group that was given the low dose of THC did not significantly outperform the group given a placebo in the realms of divergent thinking, reported Medical News Today. So the next time you have writer’s block, you might want to think twice before turning to marijuana for a boost.

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