South African Surgeons Pull Off (Put On) First Penis Transplant

Main south african surgeons pull off put on first penis transplant

UPDATE: He was able to impregnate his girlfriend! According to CNN, the patient’s girlfriend is four months pregnant. Talk about a quick turnaround: He had the transplant in December; it was deemed a success in March, and in the weeks preceeding to that announcement, was able to conceive a child. Ah, the wonders of science.

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Okay, guys; this one may be hard to read. But consider this scientific revelation a blessing of sorts—a safety blanket if you will—because heaven forbid you find yourself penis-less, rest assured that doctors can put one back on.

According to Bloomberg, South African surgeons from Stellenbosch University and Cape Town’s Tygerberg Hospital performed the world’s first successful penis transplant. The 21-year-old patient wasn’t looking for a larger, more handsome member. No. He needed a new penis because his first one was amputated after a complication with circumcision. Which, apparently, isn’t that uncommon.

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Turns out 250 people lose their penis to circumcision screw ups in South Africa each year. Take a mental note to plan your future sons’ circumcisions on American soil, and a moment to appreciate your near and dear appendage.

Luckily, the patient has seen a rapid recovery—surpassing surgeons’ estimated two year recovery by a sizeable margin—taking just four months.

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Unfortunately, there’s one more hurdle to overcome. According to Bloomberg:

“The transplanted penis wasn’t circumcised and it will be at least several months before the patient can return for the medical procedure since he’s now taking immunosuppressant drugs necessary to prevent rejection of the new body part.”

For a guy who lost his penis once to circumcision, to go under the knife for a second go-around is just, well, ballsy. So far, so good though; the patient is sexually active and will be able to bear children in the future. Here’s to hoping this man isn’t shafted yet again by shoddy surgeon skills and really, really bad luck.

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