Spencer Lacy “Surfs” Alaskan Glacier via SUP

If there’s a barrier to be broken, you can bet Colorado’s Spencer Lacy is willing to take the first swing. From being the first to clear harrowing Class IV rapids in Chile, self-supported whitewater runs through the Grand Canyon or just cruising around in his old mini-van he bought for a buck, Lacy is a man on a mission to push the envelope and have fun doing it.

So when he recently took a trip up to Alaska, simply stroking past giant icebergs was not enough thrill for this whitewater hellman. So he managed to find a glacier with a natural slide carved into it, climbed to the top and dropped in for one of the coolest SUP rides we’ve ever seen. But no reason to keep reading about it, check out this incredible footage for yourself.

The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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