Spurs End the Regular Season With a Bizarre Music Video

For your midweek entertainment, the San Antonio Spurs have taken a break from their title-chasing season to bring you an amazing, bizarre music video, inspired by the viral Tim and Eric "Sports" video sketch.


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The Spuran Spuran video riffs on the glory days of glam rock and all things gimmicky and 80s, which is what makes it so delightful. Some highlights include dueling keytars, the Spurs' Coyote mascot in a Michael Jackson-inspired outfit, and small forward Kawhi Leonard on the drums — with a sweatband on his head, naturally.

Spuran Spuran is the brainchild of power forward Matt Bonner, who was also able to recruit Spurs center Aron Baynes and point guard Patty Mills to create the video. With additional help from Bonner's wife for makeup, the Spurs camera crew, and his brother, Luke, who named the band, Bonner and the other members of Spuran Spuran were able to create the two-minute spot surprisingly quickly. "It only took an hour and a half to shoot the whole thing but I edited it and that took me forever to do," said Bonner in a report from CBS Sports. "It was a total team effort though. The guys were great sports and we had a blast shooting it. We did it mainly to entertain our fans and make them laugh."


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Luke Bonner later tweeted that Spuran Spuran edged out these other potential band spoofs: Spurkle Motion, Handsome Spurs, Spurvana, Spurklehorse, Silver and Black Sabbath, and Okkervil Riverwalk. 

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