Yes, Stephanie Gilmore rules

Stephanie Gilmore
Six-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore. Photo: ASP/ Kirsten Scholtz

In the dying minutes of the final heat of the Target Maui Pro, which was also the last stop on the ASP Women’s World Tour, Stephanie Gilmore held her breath while Carissa Moore surfed an incredible heat, knocking Tyler Wright out of world title contention, and cementing Stephanie Gilmore’s name in the annals of surf history by giving Stephanie her sixth world title. With tears of joy streaming down her face, Stephanie accepted the title with grace and appreciation, making her more lovable than ever. Gilmore is now your world champion, and in our eyes, she’s the best world champ ever. Here are just a few reasons why.

She’s a role model: In an article on, Gilmore boldly stated, “Never underestimate yourself. Work hard. We only have one body, so make sure you look after it and treat it well. No dream is too big; find a way to succeed.” Gilmore, unlike many stars of her caliber, has proven that kindness, class, and self love can get you far in life. She hopes to empower with not only her words, but also her actions—she spreads the good word of health and happiness wherever she goes.

Stephanie Gilmore
Happy and healthy. Photo: Roxy

Her style: Stephanie Gilmore is hands down the most stylish female surfer of all time. Her surfing is feminine yet fierce, as well as effortless and effective. She’s part Lisa Anderson, part Joel Parkinson, but totally unique in her approach.

Her sex appeal: Back in 2013, Roxy caused some serious web uproar with a sexy short video that asked the question, “#WhoAmIJustGuess?” The video was quite risqué, and the answer to the “who’s that girl” question was simple—the mystery girl in the video had an unmistakable shock of blond hair, legs for days, and a backside that could kill. It couldn’t have been anyone but Stephanie Gilmore. When the media going off about the video being sexist, Gilmore responded as if she were one of the guys from Spinal Tap: “What’s wrong with being sexy?”

Stephanie Gilmore
Steph goes bare for the ESPN Body Issue. Photo:

She’s brave: After getting photographed for the infamously awesome Sports ESPN Body Issue, Stephanie once again defied critics, saying, “I’m 25 now; I’m no longer a girl. I’m a young woman, and I want to embrace that and enjoy it. I’ve realized that you can be glamorous and you can be fabulous and sexy. You’re a woman; you can do whatever you want.” Keep doing what you’re doing Stephanie. It is fabulous, indeed.

She’s prolific: Steph has now spent six years of her young life being a world champ. She has also starred in countless videos and films, including the award winning iTunes smash hit “Stephanie in the Water.” Add a hundred or so magazine covers and feature spreads, and lots of charity work to all that, and it’s safe to say that Stephanie Gilmore is a superstar with a full dance card.

She’s tough: In 2010, Stephanie Gilmore was viciously attacked by a deranged man, who broke her wrist and opened a massive wound on her head. The attack came just before the start of the 2011 ASP World Tour. Just weeks after the attack, Stephanie started surfing again, even taking a win at the Roxy Pro France that year. Showing her physical and mental strength, Gilmore blitzed the World Tour in 2012, taking the world title for the fifth time.

She jams: Not just a surfer, Steph’s pursuits in the world of music may not be well known, but if you’ve ever been privy to hearing her jam on the guitar and sing, you’d realize that she is a multifaceted individual with tons of talent, even taking the stage with Jimmy Buffet in early 2014 on the Gold Coast.

Stephanie Gilmore
It’s safe to say Steph Gilmore has more world titles in her future. Photo: ASP / Laurent Masurel

She’s still in her prime: Gilmore is only 26 and already has six world titles, which puts her one world title behind Layne Beachley’s current record of seven. Gilmore has already made her intentions of earning more titles known, saying she’s relieved and elated, but also looking forward to next year.

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