Stephanie Gilmore surfing the North Shore is a match made in heaven

Stephanie Gilmore is one of the most dominant female competitive surfers to ever live. Her 6 world titles by the age of 26 have put her one away from the all-time women’s record of 7 by Layne Beachley. Still only 29, Gilmore has years ahead of her still to accomplish the feat — just look at Kelly Slater who is still on tour at 45!

But Gilmore’s surfing is so much more than that. Her surfing is so many different things at once: powerful yet graceful, raw yet precise, high-speed yet unhurried.

Those dualities are all on display in a new edit entitled “Vacation Island” filmed by Morgan Maassen on the North Shore of Oahu over 10 days this past winter.

The North Shore is the ultimate place to display one’s surfing abilities, and Gilmore always shines on the North Shore. Whether Gilmore is on a soft top, a single fin, a twin fin or a traditional shortboard, her surfing always sticks out.

As Maassen told GrindTV, “[Gilmore’s surfing] is always a sight to behold. I long ago decided she was my favorite surfer, for her style, power and elegance transcends every board and wave she touches.”

Stephanie Gilmore on the North Shore of Oahu. Photo: Vimeo

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