Time to Move! Stephen Hawking Says Earth has Less than 600 Years

Photo credit should read NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP/Getty Images

Physicist Stephen Hawking believes our planet is going to get a whole lot hotter a whole lot sooner than most believe.

Speaking at the Tencent WE Summit, Hawking said earth will burn up in less than 600 years. The cause will be overpopulation and energy consumption, which will turn the planet into an unbearable ball of fire, according to a USA Today report. However, Hawking and a number of other wealthy folks have a plan for this disastrous period.

Sending a space probe to check out any livable planets in the closest star system, known as Alpha Centauri. 


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Hawking said the system is four light years away. So with a probe that would take less than a hour to reach mars, we could get there in a little over 20 years. The project to make this reality is called Breakthrough Starshot and “the camera-equipped miniature probes would be sent on their way by tens of gigawatts of focused power from an array of lasers,” according to The Mirror.

Read more about the efforts of Breakthrough Starshot here.

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