Stocking Stuffer Gifts Perfect for Standup Paddlers

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Photo: Jonathan Kemnitz

Words by Rebecca Parsons

December is well underway—lights are dotting the streets, carols filling the air, and signs of the upcoming holidays are everywhere you look. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be daunting and you may not have time to research every item. So we did the heavy lifting — to help you choose the best stocking stuffer gifts that are both fun and functional. We’ve rounded up a collection of six tried and true items that are sure to bring holiday cheer to the paddlers in your life. 

RinseKit Plus Adventure Bundle

RinseKit Plus Adventure Bundle Image via Amazon

MSRP: $204.95  //  BUY NOW

The RinseKit Plus Adventure Bundle makes warm showers and pressurized water a reality when you’re on-the-go. The kit comes with a hose nozzle, six-foot hose, hose bib adapter, sink adapter, on/off valve, and a quick connect, allowing for up to six minutes of pressurized spray. The different adapters allow you to fill your RinseKit anywhere, while the sink adapter and hot rod allow you to enjoy hot water whether at home or on the road.

With air and water temperatures dropping, we’re big fans of the hot water options the adventure bundle offers. The kit was easy to set up and the different spray options on the hose nozzle proved to be ideal for spraying down our boards, ourselves, and even our pets. This kit is a great option for camping, road trips, and days at the beach.

Slowtide Towel

Slowtide Towel. Photo: Jonathan Kemnitz

Price Varies  // BUY NOW

Slowtide was founded in 2015 when three friends in California sought  to create a functional, new medium for art through their 100% cotton beach towels. Each towel features the unique work of different artists and the collection has since expanded to include beach towels, fitness towels, round towels, changing ponchos, and blankets. We’re big fans of Slowtide’s towels because they pack down small while remaining ultra soft and absorbent. With a wide collection of rad prints to choose from, they’ve got something for everyone on your list.

Patagonia Stormfront Roll Top Pack

Patagonia Stormfront. Photo: Jonathan Kemnitz

MSRP: $149  //  BUY NOW

Patagonia’s Stormfront pack is a classic roll-top dry bag that features a low-profile padded shoulder harness for maximum comfort. At 45 ml, this nonsubmersible, 100% waterproof pack has plenty of room for all of your gear with extra straps on the outside for add-ons. We put this bag to the test and were pleased with the comfort and durability—it’s the perfect bag for multi-day adventures or anytime you simply wish to keep your gear dry. The design is essentially the same as a dry bag but the added straps make it a great option for travel or to wear while you paddle.

Manda Sunscreen

Manda Sunscreen.

Price Varies  //  BUY NOW

With knowledge of the damaging effects of traditional sunscreens becoming more widespread and laws being passed to protect reefs and waterways, it’s time to add some all-natural sunscreen to your collection. The folks at Manda believe they have a responsibility to create premium products that protect both our bodies and the environment. Manda’s sunscreens and skin salve are made from high-quality, all-natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy.

Like most natural sunscreens, Manda’s cream goes on thick but the natural tint blends with your skin tone so you don’t wind up looking like a ghost. In addition to sunscreens, Manda makes an all-natural skin salve, which proved to be the perfect way to combat dry, winter skin. To further their commitment to sustainability, all of Manda’s products are packaged in wood containers or bio-plastic tubes derived from sugar cane.

Mobot Bottle

Mobot Bottle.

Price Varies  //  BUY NOW

We all know the importance of hydrating before and after a workout. And if you’re like us, you carry a water bottle with you at all times. Mobot bottles take hydration to the next level—they combine a stainless steel water bottle and a foam roller into one. Foam rolling has been practiced among elite athletes for centuries as a way to help restore muscles and improve performance. The Mobot bottle allows us to have everything we need in one place. With a number of different size and color options, it’s our new go-to for travel as well as daily living.

Costa x Bureo Sunglasses

Costa x Bureo Sunglasses

MSRP: $199  //  BUY NOW

Costa has been in the business of making sunglasses for over 35 years. New for 2018, Costa has partnered with Bureo to release a line of sustainably made sunglasses: The Untangled Collection. The collection includes five different styles, all of which feature frames made from 100% recycled fishing nets, mineral glass lenses, and PLUSfoam recyclable nose pads. We’re big fans of this collection not only for its dedication to sustainability but because the glasses are ultra-durable and also high performance. The Untangled Collection is everything we’re looking for in a pair of shades—style, comfort, and crystal-clear visibility.

Grass Sticks Bamboo Paddle

Grass Sticks Bamboo Paddle. Photo: Jonathan Kemnitz

MSRP: $219  //  BUY NOW

At Grass Sticks, they believe bamboo is better. Born in a garage in Colorado in 2014, Grass Sticks started out making bamboo ski poles but quickly added SUP/kayak paddles to their collection. They chose to make their products from bamboo for its flex, durability, and the fact that it’s a sustainable option.

Bamboo produces three times as much lumber per acre harvested than trees and absorbs more carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen than any other plant on the planet. We recently upgraded to bamboo and were pleased to find the paddle is light, flexible, and durable.

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