SubSea Explorers: Deep Sea Tourism

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SubSea Explorers

Ever dreamed of becoming a marine archeologist? Then take SubSea Explorers up on its first-of-its-kind opportunity to become part of a three-person crew that will use a submersible to document and photograph Roman ships that wrecked off the coast of Sicily some 2,000 years ago. The expedition company teamed up with Dutch manufacturer U-Boat Worx and the not-for-profit Aurora Trust Foundation to offer eight weeklong missions this summer ($19,700, all inclusive) in the company of a professional sub pilot and local archeologist. Each participant will embark on three missions in the sub C-Explorer 3, taking in panoramic views of the marine environment at depths of up to 500 feet below the surface, all while uncovering the mysteries of these newly discovered wrecks.

Next Voyage: The one-week missions run from June 20 to August 21, 2015. More info at

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