Summer Camp for Grown-Ups: Camp No Counselors

As you might have heard, summer camps for grown-ups are a very real thing that have been gaining in popularity over the past few years.

With everything from sleep-away space camps to skateboarding camps, trying to pinpoint the right summer camp to allow you indulge your memories of campfire stories and juvenile hijinks can be tough if you don’t know where to look.

This is why we spoke to a collection of different adult summer camps across the country to help you choose which one is the best for you to relive those days at camp.

For our first installment of “Summer Camp for Grown-Ups” we focus on Camp No Counselors, a summer camp strictly for adults that has spread to more than 25 locations across North America and been featured on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank.”

adult summer camp camp no counselors
Escape the monotony of your work week with some simple fun, like tug-of-war. Photo: Courtesy of Camp No Counselors

Here, we give you the low-down on what Camp No Counselors is all about:

What is it?

Camp No Counselors is a weekend summer camp for adults that was founded by Adam Tichauer back in 2013 that has since evolved into a franchise spread out across North America. Its motto is “Play like a kid, party like a grown-up.”

How did it start?

“I went to camp as a kid and it was always the most fun time of the year, because you had no parents and no priorities,” Adam Tichauer told GrindTV. “And a few years ago I was working 100 hours a week in New York, and I hated how serious my life had become. So I decided to organize a weekend in upstate with my friends to just have fun.”

Tichauer’s impetus to get out of the Big Apple for a nostalgic weekend of summer camp shenanigans apparently resonated with his friends, because after making a few phone calls, that first weekend at a camp in upstate New York quickly grew to where 80 people showed up. This ended up being the first weekend of Camp No Counselors.

What can you expect if you visit Camp No Counselors?

It’s rather simple: You can expect to party, with no restrictions.

“Growing up as a kid, every September when we were coming back to school, all kids in school were talking about was how much fun they had in summer camp,” Tichauer told GrindTV. “So that first weekend we hosted Camp No Counselors my friends turned to me and said, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to go back to camp, but as adults so, you know, we can maybe have some beers and party a little bit?”

adult summer camp camp no counselors
As the camp states, the goal is to party like a grown-up. Clearly, campers at the Los Angeles location got the memo. Photo: Courtesy of Camp No Counselors

What’s the typical camper at Camp No Counselors?

“We have around 200 campers per camp session, and the average age is 30,” said Tichauer. “But we’ve had people as old as their mid-50s. Our only policy is 21 and up, and most of the people who come to our camps are young professionals. People who, like you, have jobs and who are stressed and on the phone all the day and looking for a good place to go and unwind.”

What sets Camp No Counselors apart from other adult summer camps?

Again, it’s very simple: It’s a weekend with absolutely no rules.

“No rules. The only two things we encourage people are to put down their phones and to not start conversations with ‘So what do you do?'” Tichauer said. “We don’t want people thinking about work. Other than that, it’s free reign. You’re an adult, you can make your own choices, so go have fun. Camp No Counselors is a judgement-free zone. If you want to do arts-and-crafts, do that. If you want to go kayaking, do that. If you want to just sit around and watch the clouds roll by, do that.”

adult summer camp camp no counselors
Camp No Counselors believes that, when people detach from work and focus on having pure fun, true friendships are made. Photo: Courtesy of Camp No Counselors

Anything else you should know?

Expect to leave with new friends.

“It’s kind of hard to connect in big cities to make friends. Here, there’s not much cell service and we encourage people to disconnect from work,” Tichauer told GrindTV. “It’s funny, once you strip away the pretense of work and status, and just focus on having fun, you form genuine friendships. We see more people returning every session and talking about how they made lifelong friends doing something as simple as playing soccer.”

For more on Camp No Counselors, including locations and weekend availability, head over to the company’s website

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