Sunrise SUP Session at Teahupo’o

Do you ever watch videos from Teahupo’o and think to yourself, “Hell no!”?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But that’s also because most videos from the world-famous Tahitian spot show the place absolutely pumping. And when Teahupo’o gets pumping, surfing it is like trying to outrun a runaway freight train. Sometimes you make it, and sometimes you get ground into the shallow reef like cheese going through the grater.

Of course, Teahupo’o isn’t always this death-defying wave that only the Kelly Slaters of the world should ride. The big-wave spot also has a gentler side that often gets over-looked. Mind you, gentle Teahupo’o is still more critical than most other spots you’d paddle out at.

To see what we’re talk about, check out this footage from SUP surfer Charles Vandemeulebroucke–yes, that’s his real last name. The four-minute edit looks like an absolute blast with shoulder-to-head high waves peeling across the reef. Add in a beautiful sunrise, clear water and breathtaking Tahitian landscape and this clip will have you drooling from start to finish.

The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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