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Dimensions: 12′ X 30″ X 6.5″ (238 Liters)

Price: $1,599

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If you’re into expedition-style paddling, whether it’s day trips or multi-day adventures, “endurance” is a word you definitely want to describe your board. Pau Hana hit that nail on the head with their board of that very name, which has a slew of features that will make your journeys easier.

Pau Hana’s proprietary Ricochet Technology makes this one of the toughest boards on the market. We’ve literally seen this board hit with a bowling ball dozens of times and not ding. That means this sled will handle rocky shorelines, dropped gear and shorepound with no issues. The downside is that it’s pretty heavy at 31.5 pounds, but if you prefer durability over shaving ounces, that’s an easy tradeoff.

The Endurance also finds the sweet spot between stability and maneuverability: the wide tail means you can pivot turn with confidence or stack heavy gear, while the 30-inch width makes it sleek enough to cover some serious distance.

We also loved the little details that make long days on the water more simple. There are extra handles at the tail and nose for tag-teaming portages or dragging a loaded board up onto a sandy beach. There are 37 SeaMount lash points on the deck so you can dial in your gear load no matter how much or how little gear you pack. They even made the deck pad extra soft so you could sleep on it in a pinch. To top it off, the board is designed to handle as much as 90 pounds of gear, enough to do some serious packing no matter what your mission is. If you want endurance for the long haul, you’ve found it. —WT

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