Paddling a Remote Mountain Crater Lake

Paddling a Remote Mountain Crater Lake

Some of our most memorable paddles take place in remote areas where we can feel the closest to nature. They are the spots that are not polluted by industrial forces or surrounded by noisy highways, but simply secluded in wilderness. This video gives us a taste of paddling in a pristine natural environment, with three paddlers reveling in a crater lake high on the mountaintop.

In a massive crater on top of a mountain covered with greenery and snow, these lucky standup paddlers find a picturesque pond to explore on their SUPs. How they got there is a mystery, and where “there” is located remains undisclosed, but  one thing’s for sure: this incredible destination was worth the journey for the paddlers pictured. We may not know the location, but it’s probably better that way (for the location, at least). We’ll settle for appreciating it vicariously.

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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