When SUP Surfer and Shark Collide

When SUP Surfer and Shark Collide

How do sharks feel about SUP? After seeing this, we have no idea…

SUP surfers are well aware of both the interest and disdain harbored among our neighboring compatriots in the lineup. And that’s just how it is—some people embrace SUP and want to try it, others condemn it, even take action against it. But safe to say, few paddlers have considered the sentiments held by sharks regarding SUP. Until now. Here, we see what can literally be described as a shark colliding with a SUP surfer mid-air, mid-wave, during a sunny session in Jupiter, Florida.

Figuratively, it can be interpreted a few ways. One, this spinner shark is outwardly objecting to SUP surfers in the lineup by attempting to tackle one off his board. Two, the shark is simply a SUP advocate excitedly attempting to jump aboard. Or maybe the shark wasn’t even aware SUP existed until it accidentally tackled an enthusiast off his board while breaching? Or could it be the shark was a surfer himself, enraged because it thought it had the right-of-way to the wave?

Hypotheticals aside, here are the facts: Local paddler Maximo Trindad was SUP surfing off the coast of Jupiter, when he paddled into a small wave. After sticking a modest drop, what began as just another mediocre wave in sharky Florida waters quickly turned into a heart-pounding shark encounter. Apparently, these type of sharks are known to jump out of the water to catch fish–but we like to think this fella just wanted to try its hand…err, fin, at SUP surfing. And while entertaining, unlike dog SUP surfing—fan-favorite competition at several SUP events—shark SUP surfing doesn’t quite sound as adorable…or practical.


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