Surfboard Science – Santa Cruz Archy Model

A board built for speed, just like it’s namesake.

Board: Santa Cruz Matt Archbold Pro Model

Shaper: E.A. for Santa Cruz Surfboards


Board Type: Archy Double-Wing Swallowtail

Length: 5’11”

Width: 18.25″

Thickness: 2.2″

Surfer: Matt Archbold

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 160 lbs.

“When I first got one of these epoxy boards I was kind of like, ‘this is weird,'” says Archy. “Then after I worked out my design, I realized they actually work really well. It’s great because I can get the exact same board every time and I know it’s gonna work. I can whip a board out of a box and surf right then without wondering if it’s gonna go. I rode this board in the Cold Water Classic this year the whole time. I got second by half a point, but I did get my first perfect ten ever!”

Optimal Conditions: Waist-to head-high waves.

Win: Archy has always come through with the banger video parts. From the first Astrodeck vids to later Taylor Steele efforts, his surfing always looks amazing on tape. To win a free Archy pro model send in your top three Archy video parts on a postcard to TransWorld SURF, Archy Rips On Tape, 353 Airport Road, Oceanside, California 92054.

Construction: Archy’s pro model is constructed using a ten-step process. It starts as an Expanded Polystyrene blank that is duplicated from the master shape. The blank is then coated with a seamless PVC sheet that’s heated up to wrap 100 percent around the board. Then the blank is sandwich laminated with a layer of fiberglass resin. Fin boxes and leash plugs are added, and then the bottom and top are both laminated again. The board gets a sand coat, then sanded, painted, and finally clear-coated and polished to perfection. “Polyester boards get beat up and die after a while,” laughs Archy. “These things never lose their pop.”

Tail: Archy has used this double-wing swallowtail for his entire surf career. “I like the combination of drive and tight turning,” says Arch.

Rocker: The rocker on the Archy pro model is nearly flat, making the board as fast as possible, giving the rider extra drive, making sections easier to clear, and of course, as Archy can show you, the low rocker makes this board ideal for airs.

Bottom: The bottom contours include a deep, single concave that goes into a double concave that runs all the way off the tail-pretty much the go-to combination for every pro’s surfboard.

Graphics: Archy wanted to express himself through the graphics on his board. Santa Cruz artist Jim Phillips Jr. (son of the legendary Jim Phillips who created all the cool old-school Santa Cruz skateboard graphics like Rob Roskopp’s infamous demon breaking through a wall series). Archy’s “hands praying” tattoo is in the center flanked by two replicas of his very own chop-top 1950 Ford coupe.

Fin Setup: The board comes standard with the Future Fin System. For a looser feel, Santa Cruz recommends the F3-425 fins, or for a stiffer ride, the FJC1-450 fins.

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