Surfer Albee Layer hospitalized after Jaws wipeout

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While the rest of the surf world woke up yesterday disappointed to hear that the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau invitational surfing competition was called off, pro surfer Albee Layer wasn’t about to let that ruin his Wednesday of surfing. Instead, Layer headed off to Maui to take on the monster waves at Jaws.

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Unfortunately for Layer, that decision landed him in the hospital after he suffered a scary wipeout at the legendary Hawaiian break, ejecting headfirst from his board into the face of a towering wave.

Luckily for the 24-year-old Hawaiian big-wave surfer, the video of his spill was scarier than its reality, as he took to Instagram to post an image of himself giving a thumbs-up from his hospital bed, assuring all his followers that he would be alright.

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“So I’m alive and luckily no fractures in my neck or spine,” Layer captioned the photo. “Tons [of] muscle and other damage but nothing that will stop me from a quick recovery. I feel like Jaws owes me one now. Really hope there’s a redemption swell before the year ends. Thanks to @kurtischongkee and the boys for keeping us safe. Till next time.”

After videos and photos of his gnarly spill made the rounds on the Internet, the surf community took to his Instagram page to show their support, with everyone from Taylor Steele to Jack Freestone to Bede Durbidge wishing him a quick recovery.

“Whoa heavy,” Steele commented. “I am glad your safe now. Speedy recovery brother.”

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“Feeling for you man,” wrote Durbidge, who is currently recovering from his own heavy wipeout. “Speedy recovery mate.”

On the bright side of things, Layer seems to be taking the whole thing in stride: He took to his oft-irreverent Instagram account shortly after to post a photo of himself mid-fall, saying he hopes to get back out to Jaws quickly.

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“Let’s never do that again,” Layer wrote.

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