Surfer Albee Layer lands unbelievable backside 540

Surfer Albee Layer has long been at the forefront of progressing the aerial aspect of his sport. So it should come as no surprise that, according to SURFING, Layer recently became the first surfer in the world to land a backside 540 on camera:

As seen in the video, Layer’s backside 540 was far from a fluke. The 25-year-old surfer had been tirelessly attempting the trick for well over a year until he finally landed it for the first time about a month ago.

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But, unfortunately for Layer, nobody filmed that attempt.

So, Layer got back on his board and kept trying to stick another backside 540, and on Friday afternoon the Hawaiian-born surfer landed the trick again on his home island of Maui, and this time he did so with cameras rolling.

Speaking about the trick, Layer told SURFING that he and world champion John John Florence had a small competition going to see who could be the first to land it.

“I mean, I think if he put half the energy I did into it he probably would have made it, but this year he just shifted his whole focus onto contest surfing,” Layer told SURFING.

Albee Layer 540
The moment of truth for Layer.

Once he landed the trick, Layer told SURFING Florence sent him a rather profane congratulatory text message and that Kelly Slater responded to the clip in a fairly sarcastic manner.

“He said something like, ‘You coulda done two more floaters, that wave kept on peeling,'” Layer told SURFING about the 11-time world champion’s response to his clip. “And then I told him, ‘My mom said that, literally, without being sarcastic.’ And he said, ‘You thought I was being sarcastic?'”

For more on Layer’s quest to land the backside 540, his new fin company and why he would rather see Florence focus on freesurfing over contest surfing, head over to SURFING.

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