Surfer who has surfed everyday for 6 years appears on SportsCenter

This June, Southern California teenager and surfer Meg Roh surpassed the mark of surfing everyday for the past 6 years. It’s quite the impressive feat for anyone, let alone a straight-A student.

She has become a bit of an icon because of it, and there really wasn’t any intention of doing so when she set out in June 2011 to surf everyday until a contest she was in. ESPN’s SportsCenter even jumped on the story and recently had Roh on for a segment to talk about her feat.

As Roh tells Will Reave on SportsCenter, “By the end of summer I had surfed 90 days, and after that I decided to do 10 more to make 100. And then it just kept going and going. I really never planned on having it be this long, I just surf everyday because I love to surf.”

While Roh’s feat is a major one, it is decades away from Dale Webster’s all-time record of 40-ish years. But if anyone’s going to break it, Roh certainly could — only 34 more years!

Meg Roh, 6 years and counting.

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