Surfhouse in Encinitas Is Now Offering Surf Coaching With Damien Hobgood

The Surfhouse is steps away from so many great waves, including Beacons, which is right up the street. Photo: Jackson Van Kirk

When was the last time you saw footage of yourself surfing? Was it when you were on boat trip in the Maldives and hired a local lensman to shoot your session when it was overhead and firing? Or was it at waist-high T-Street, when you asked your buddy to stand on the steps and try not to miss your best wave?

Local knowledge is priceless. Photo: Jackson Van Kirk

Whatever the case may be, chances are it doesn’t happen all that often for regular surfers like you and I. And it certainly doesn’t include a critical analysis from one of the greatest surfers to ever hit the water … Mr. Damien Hobgood.

If you feel like your surfing is good enough to warrant some fine-tuning from a pro, then Surfhouse in Encinitas, California, has a new service that might just be right up your alley.

We spoke to the Director of Business Development for Surfhouse, Annika Walden, about the new offering, and what the Damien Hobgood Surf Experience is all about.

What can surfers expect to get out of a three-day surf coaching experience with Damo?

It’s every surfer’s wet dream … Hands-on professional coaching with a surfing legend. The Damo Experience is for surfers who are looking to advance their skills with a pro.

These semi-private guiding sessions – followed up with live video analysis of technique and style – are meant to really elevate a surfer’s ability quickly. Surfers can expect three nights accommodations plus food, three guided surf sessions, video analysis, custom surf video edit and airport transfers.

Real-time critiques in the water make all the difference in the world. Photo: Jackson Van Kirk

Can surfers of any level enroll in the Damo Experience? Or should their surfing ability be at a moderate level?

The Damo Experience is intended for surfers who have a decent foundation of surfing ability, however Surfhouse does offer a five-day intensive surf program for those who are beginners and looking to start from the ground up.

Post-session lunch and analysis of the footage on the deck at Surfhouse. Photo: Jackson Van Kirk
Damo offers his sound advice. Photo: Jackson Van Kirk

How many people can each three-day experience accomodate?

These are semi-private sessions and will max out at three people. The idea is to have a hands-on, inclusive experience.

What makes Surfhouse such a unique experience for traveling surfers?

There really isn’t anything like it in Southern California. We have the ability to pair accommodations with experiential travel.

Our location is pretty amazing, as well. Instead of being separated from the local community like a “surf resort” our guests are immersed in the neighborhood and really get an understanding of what it feels like to live like a local here in surf mecca, Encinitas.

For more information and to sign up for surf coaching, check out the Surfhouse website.

Damo, eyeing a section down the line. Photo: Jackson Van Kirk

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