Surfing a Mystical French Wave in the Dead of Night Under Neon Lights

Pointe de la Torche is a mythical tip of Finistère, France that can offer some pretty decent surf. It sticks its skinny self out into the Atlantic Ocean and hopes that the just-further-south Saint-Pierre Light doesn’t shadow of the swell.

Filmmaker Hugo Manhes spent three months planning a surf film shoot at the famed mystical wave. And one evening everything came together to sacrifice a surfboard, plant 120,000 watts of neon lights onto the beach and get surfers Ian Fontaine and Gaspard Larsonneur to paddle out to be part of one of the most creative surf edits we’ve seen in quite some time.

“La Torch” is completely stunning. It should easily be an early favorite for 2018 surf clip of the year. It is certainly the best night surfing video we’ve ever seen put together. It also doesn’t hurt that the surfers pull up in a pristine Land Rover 110 Defender and the surfing is set to “Mountains Crave” Anna von Hausswolff.

As Manhes told La Montagne, “The idea was to offer up an experience that went beyond surfing. We projected colored lights onto the ocean to give it an almost supernatural appearance. We took three months to prepare. The main issue was knowing how much light we’d need for the project.”

And despite Fontaine and Larsonneur both knowing the wave by heart, surfing it at two-in-the-morning under neon lights was an experience like nothing else. Hopefully Manhes continues to pursue projects like these.

This is not a typical image from surf clips.

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