How Do People Survive (Let Alone Surf) During the Arctic Winter?

Traveling across the world in hopes of scoring empty waves in the Arctic requires many things: patience, job flexibility, the thickest wetsuits available to surf and the mental fortitude to deal with things like white-out storms, bears, and the possibility of getting skunked. If you’ve ventured into frigid locales in search of waves, you might be well aware of the fact that cold-water surfing – I mean like, dodging ice chunks in the lineup cold-water surfing – is not for everyone. And, in some cases, is a lot more fun to watch than do.

But for guys like Aussie ‘QS surfer Fraser Dovell, who can withstand the challenging elements of frigid climates, cold-water surfing provides an obvious opportunity to score empty waves. Over the course of two months, while taking a break from the grind of the ‘QS, the 21-year-old explored the refrigerated lineups in the North Atlantic alongside filmmaker Spencer Frost (fitting last name) and photographer Guy Williment for the making of the soon-to-be-released film “A Corner of the Earth” – the trailer of which you can view above.

The movie aims to portray all the ups and downs that come with surfing during the winter in an inhospitable part of the world. Over the course of their trip, Dovell and his crew come to discover that, despite what you might see on Instagram, surf trips to the Arctic ain’t all pretty mountain ranges and perfectly reeling points.

The film, which runs at 42-minutes long, was recently shown at the London Surf/Film Festival and might just be coming to a location near you.

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