Surfing the Web at Work Boosts Productivity

Surfing the Web at Work Boosts Productivity

If you are reading this at the office, don’t worry. New research, published in Human Performance, found “Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing,” or WILB for short, keeps employees more productive.

“WILB is the act of using the company Internet for personal reasons during work hours, which might include watching YouTube movies, engaging in social media sites such as Facebook, or doing any other activity that might be construed as personal Internet use outside of organizationally set tasks,” the study reads.

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Researchers found that a person’s attention span deteriorates as time goes by, usually after about 10 minutes. Taking frequent breaks to surf the web charges your focus and will make you more productive when you get back to work. The study concludes that frequent WILBers shouldn’t be punished by the higher-ups, but rather encouraged. Which is good news for you if your boss walks by right now.

So go ahead and ignore those spreadsheets for the next few minutes. We’ve compiled a list of Men’s Fitness stories to keep you distracted—and productive.

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