Sweet Piece of Gear: Trigger Point Grid Vibe Vibrating Foam Roller

Trigger Point Mantle
Jana Valesova gives herself a tuneup with the Trigger Point Grid Vibe after a paddle in Pacific Beach, California. Photo: Misselwitz

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There are certain pieces of gear that should be in every paddler’s fitness kit. A good foam roller is at the top of the list.

The benefits of foam rolling before and after your SUP sessions are myriad; it prevents injury, speeds up recovery, improves mobility and removes lactic acid, among other perks. Not to mention, a good post-paddle roll-out just hurts so damn good. Kind of like having your own personal sports masseuse.

Of all the foam rollers we’ve tried, the new Grid Vibe vibrating foam roller from Trigger Point is the mack daddy.

Wizardry in the science of myofascial release is Trigger Point’s M-O and their products set the bar in mobility technology. By adding the power of vibration into the mix, the Grid Vibe has taken their tried and true design and made it even better.


The Grid Vibe features Trigger Point’s trademark grid-pattern texture, which the company says is designed to “channel blood and oxygen to repair muscles as you roll.” We find this surface texture really helps dig into those hard-to-reach knots that crop up between the shoulder blades and elsewhere on the body. This feature alone makes a huge difference in breaking up muscle tissue and softening tight spots.

But what we’re really here to talk about is the vibrating feature. The Grid Vibe oscillates at a frequency of 33 hertz, which when applied to the body, stimulates receptors to help relax muscles and activates alternative pathways in the nerve system to calm pain signals. By pairing the effect of vibration with the pressure of the foam roller, the Grid Vibe amplifies all the benefits of traditional foam rolling and makes the massage more enjoyable. It is a bit on the firmer side compared to some of the entry-level foam rollers out there, which makes it a bit more painful but also more effective.

The Grid Vibe is compact enough to fit in a workout bag and holds a charge that will last a few long sessions. We recommend keeping it your car and using it during your stretch routine before and after workouts. Fair warning: this thing could be your new best friend. –MM

Find info and technique tutorials for how to most effectively use the Grid Vibe here.

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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