So surfers and suits aren’t strange bedfellows?

The Herringbone Hypto heads off to work.
The Herringbone Hypto heads off to work.

Surfing and tailored suits aren’t obvious bedfellows. In fact, seeing a surfer in any suit, bespoke or otherwise, usually has the whiff of lipstick on an elephant about it. However, Hayden Cox, of Haydenshapes, who makes crafts for surfers like Craig Anderson, Warren Smith, and Creed Mctaggert, is no ordinary surfer. At 30, he is one of the youngest and most promising shapers of his generation, inventing the FutureFlex technology and recently signing with surfboard distributor Global Surf Industries to have his boards sold in 58 countries around the world. One of his surfboard models, the Hypto Krypto, made famous by the Australian freesurfer Craig Anderson in his movie “Slow Dance,” is one of the most in-demand surfboards in the world right now. You can see more about that in a previous GrindTV post here. And on top of all that he is ridiculously handsome, being one of those few surfers who can effortlessly swap from a wetsuit to a monkey suit with stylish ease.

That in part explains his latest collaboration with Australian company Herringbone Sydney, makers of high-end suits. Their designers approached Cox to create a limited collection of bespoke high-end surfboards that would feature in their national summer campaign (with summer in the Southern Hemisphere starting in December).


“I really wanted to bring a high-end and more stylish approach to a performance product,” said Cox. He has created just 10 boards, and called them the Herringbone Hypto. Each matte-black craft has been custom-designed with screen printed logos, a high-gloss black rail on the deck, and finished with a gloss on matte signature Herringbone fish scale print on the back. Each board is valued at around 1,400 Australian dollars, but aren’t for sale and are instead being used as prizes in a competition.

And here Cox talks you through the collaboration:

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